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It is important to understand the options and strategies that shape your future. At Beacon Wealth Advisors, we work with you to design your plan for financial independence across all the pillars of retirement: tax, investment, income, healthcare, and estate planning.

We believe that education is fundamental to retirement planning. Every initial consultation involves making sure all the pieces to successful retirement planning are clarified. And reciprocally, we invest a significant amount of time educating ourselves about every potential client, their goals, and dreams.

Contact us to schedule a conversation and see if we’re the right fit. We’ll walk you through the Beacon Wealth RetireRight process and answer your questions along the way.

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Our Commitment To You

“Serve every client with the highest level of integrity. Care about them more than we care about ourselves. Develop every plan and perform every task to the absolute best of our ability. And most importantly, as stewards of our client’s financial futures, understand the tremendous obligation to protect that which has taken a lifetime to build.

Shawn Lee – Senior Financial Planner and CEO